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my, my has it been that long since we last caught up

I really do need to find more time to update on here dont I???


Well Update is , The Tornados are having an Official sabbatical as a permanent band, Jeepers its hard to coordinate so many talented musicians, to get some free time with them all together. They are all very talented busy members of other bands also… Hmmmph the achilles heel of working with talent 🙂

Saying that I have been doing some bits of work on my own, or shall I say with other talented musicians bringing their own particular storm and I have a few interesting projects lined up, but |I won’t say anything about them just yet as I dont want to but a jinx on them lol.

Meanwhile I have been taking in some weekenders, driving lessons and generally getting out and about seeing people where I can. But dont for one minute think I wont be Bringing my Particular storm to a town near you… All I can say is watch this space


And hey if I see you out and about give us a holla won’t you xx


About stormyredatt

Stormy Red & The Tornados are a hot Rockin, Dirty Rock'n'Roll & Bitchin' Blues Band. Bringing to you obscure 50s and 60s crossover RnB , Blues Black Rock n Roll and Early crossover soul

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