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Hemsby May 2014

Just had the most tremendous weekend ive had for a long time,  Thanks to some dear friends for taking me down and some barmy ones that have , as the pictures show made me laugh laugh laugh all weekend. you’re truly special each one of you. I went down to Hemsby for a well deserve letting down of the hair and break and was determined to enjoy to the hilt, and bring my own crazy ‘Storm’… I didn’t need to worry as the crazy lot of you brought yours too. I was privy to a wacky wedding to seal and established relationship, witness the start of a new happy relationship, watched the proud moment of two Local beauties winning at the Pin up and their proud families reactions, sadly missed the proud moment another beauty made in the jiving competition ,met new friends and old and laughed so much I ached….x Hope to see you all again soon where we can whip up another ‘Storm’ and the now tried and loved ‘Moose Milk’   Thanks guys love you all xx     10341434_868366779857023_2501595881118904542_n 10362635_10152777613789186_1139700887_n 10325715_10152774626489186_8590227237907629338_n 10153644_10152774625609186_9145826913483987337_n 10335950_10152773572579186_1425002526_n 10318678_10152771078059186_1959200159_n 10312105_10152772626009186_920848131_n 10352677_10152773499519186_533460600_n 10331521_10152777052769186_828575396_n ali kat10294312_10152442943670948_3806384396419912025_n10270637_10152442846350948_7824912615847713087_n 10269625_10152405701412302_7951069457289311441_n 1231133_372335986240804_2280767179827060744_n 10362635_10152777613789186_1139700887_n 10153644_10152774625609186_9145826913483987337_n 10335950_10152773572579186_1425002526_n10352677_10152773499519186_533460600_n10313594_10152401908172302_8733087443610043731_n 10330401_10152408416872302_6178368061214645165_n 10271607_372338706240532_7125996417990420287_n 10175068_10152772264369186_5526078307591416244_n 10345565_373450376129365_5281987156072488371_n (1) 10169266_10152442943610948_5834125400803157213_n 1897944_10154144461730352_4903632476176158875_n 10256803_305776529580901_3866332578203638147_n 10331521_10152777052769186_828575396_n 10369600_10203797642645333_3148656126653956458_n 10268510_10152408249382302_5554254210535782207_n 10365753_10152081317450840_2173581422365136242_n 1908306_10154144497015352_7809578895408121549_n 1557542_10154144515535352_2848399712917097087_n 10345565_373450376129365_5281987156072488371_n 10320545_372339429573793_4316748885113232007_n

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  1. PS: Mamma!! 😀 xxx


  2. Aaaaw what a great blog entry! Am still smiling and giggling. What a wonderful weekender. You have made Hemsby very special for me! Thank you, well for being wonderful you! Seeing all those pictures remind me of all the laughter we shared. I cherish being one of the Flamingo gals… 🙂 xxx



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