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394696_10150647067204186_1478110941_nWell Guys its been a while since I’ve had the time to get on here and Catch up.. I will load some odd bits of videos and Pics we have done whilst ive been off here.

Currently im looking at Re affirming the static line up of the band… Some original Tornados have gone in different directions and some through other commitments have had to step down. I thank those that have the very best for the future and I thank them for allowing me to work with them.

Going Forward I now have  two options available to me .. and this is ,to Work alone collaborating with other bands … which I have done some of this past year and thoroughly enjoyed . …..or set a new line up for the Tornados.. …. Either way I get the honour of working with some of the best musicians. every session a new storm is present . and every opportunity a complete blast…

Watch this space for further updates……. there are a few interesting things in the pipeline.. x


See you on the dance floor somewhere real soon x


Rock and Roll has no beginning and no end for it is the very pulse of life itself. Larry Williams

Nottingham Locals report Storm warning last night ……and it was wild

Wow what a reception, thanks Nottingham, you made us feel truly welcome.  some lovely compliments made:944140_470886356332793_1170314736_n (1) 1017474_10151574639298025_1853759738_n 999335_10151574635953025_984674867_n 1002400_10151574637478025_740596703_n

  • Hoochie Coochie club Nottingham
Wow, youve got an amazing voice and love the choices of tracks last night. Id love you to play our club at some point, though its not gonna be this year im afraid as im mates with matt/morgyn and dont want to detract from the nov gig. Drop me your contact details and when i sort my 2014 calendar ill try and fix up a date. Cheers craig
  • Morgyn ( the Nov Gig Promoter)
Although booked for our gig I hadn’t actually seen Stormy Red live until last night! I promise you guys are in for a real treat!!
  • cant wait to see you at our gig back here in nottingham in november, loved it!! xx
  • Cracking night… Boy can Stormy Red sing…. Shame I had to leave early for a lift home
  • Just back from a fun night at Big Mamma’s….so many nice folks to chat to and really impressed with Stormy Reds set list…great song choices
  • Just come back from Nottingham where we saw a great RNB band. Stormy Red and the Tornados – raunchy female singer with a great rhythm section and brilliant lead guitarist plus two sax’s. If you get the chance go and see them.

Nothing in the world is w…

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty………..”

Theodore Roosevelt

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